About Paudie

Hello, my name is Paudie Vaughan and I have recently begun my own guided tours operation. I have previously spent my time working in the hospitality industry and I had been looking for a way to work more closely with the people and the other several varieties of aspects in the industry.

I quickly pounced on the opportunity to showcase the other aspects such as the magnificent, mesmerising and majestic views and sights of this iconic island, as well as the historical and cultural treasures which shape this “emerald isle”.

I am based in Killarney in the kingdom of County Kerry which is nestled in the south west of Ireland along the Atlantic Ocean. I offer a unique and enlightening guided tour around this beautiful island. I can cater for a nationwide experience and bring people from corner to corner of the country. I also offer a concise tour in specific areas such as the Ring of Kerry, The wild Atlantic Way, The Burren as well as several other national treasures.

I am a proud and passionate Irish man who can hopefully deliver and teach to you about our unique culture, views and treasures through an enlightening friendly and comfortable experience on my guided tour

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